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Welcome to a Better Way!
Are you consistently increasing profits and market share?
A sound, yet fluid strategy must be aligned to tactical business events. Those tactics must be supported by business processes and available technologies. But none of this matters if your people are not 100% committed to the cause and prepared to act.
Latest News
Detroit News Feature  
The article, written about VerbalWise by Detroit News reporter, Karen Dybus, can be found here. Let us know what you think on our blog.
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A Leading Partner in the News  
We work closely with Xavier University's Leadership Center. Read about them in the in-depth article in Cincinnnati's Enquirer news.
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Walsh College Upcoming Events  
We participate in everything Walsh. See events for the Business Leadership Institute here.
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Progress and Prosperity ... are you ready?
"On the plains of good intentions, lie the curled up pages of countless plans, that when completed, were left to become nothing more than backwards and sideways steps toward competitive advantage and sustainable growth..."
We can show you what's getting in the way of your prosperity - and we can help you get there...fast! We support and train your teams to look through different lenses, those that see what can and should be done to be successful ... and how.
Prosper Now  
How are We Different?
Beyond making recommendations that will help your organization and the people in it thrive, we roll up our sleeves and help make the change. Then, using experiential techniques, we educate your teams so the organization, as a whole, thinks and behaves in ways that lead to long-term growth. We support and develop:
Future Leaders Productive Teams
Optimized Processes Stable Employees
Successful Projects Strong Corporate Cultures
Learning Environments Competitive Companies
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